Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday Samuel!

Samuel's birthday was in December. I really TRY to post about my children's birthdays at least IN THE SAME MONTH. Well, this time I'm only a few days from two months late, but better late than never. -- Dear Samuel, this in no way means I love you any less!

Fun facts about Samuel:

*He always picks the same cereal for breakfast.

Some of the other kids change it up, but not Samuel. He likes Toasted Oats (which are basically Kroger brand Cheerios -- but he does not like General Mills Cheerios, only "Toasted Oats" from Kroger -- hah).

*Samuel LOVES to talk and he has a comment for EVERYTHING.

Since Gordie and I both have what my father calls "the gift of gab," poor Samuel was doomed from the beginning. But man oh man I have had to beg him to stop talking on more than one occasion.

*He is a great actor.

Samuel has some of the BEST facial expressions. He definitely follows his dad in this department. He can easily be spontaneously funny when he's in the mood for it.

*Samuel is very smart.

He got moved up a year in his Math and his teacher keeps hinting that he should be further ahead in Literature as well. He reads at a considerably higher level than is typical for his age. Schoolwork definitely comes easily to him -- thus far, at least.

*He likes to have the rules followed.

Samuel takes after his mom in this respect. If a rule is set, he will follow it, and he will raise a stink over anyone else who fails to toe the line.

*Samuel has a great memory.

Perhaps this is why he is so good at school work. He has a great attention to detail and remembers every off-hand comment. If you once made a comment about something and he heard it, he will remember it for all eternity.

*Samuel is really getting into joke telling.

All the children like to tell jokes. They often read them to me straight out of the Boys Life magazine. But Samuel is really picking up on what makes things humorous and putting his own twists on traditional funnies. He is quite the character some days!

Dear God, thank you for the gift of Samuel. He is the best oldest boy I could ask for. He is loyal and strong but still sensitive and compassionate. Please keep him every close to your heart as you form him into the man you desire him to be. -- Amen.

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